Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Make Scent Blocking Spray for Deer Hunting

Deer have a highly refined sense of smell.  If you are going to be a successful deer hunter, you must cover up your human smell.  You can go to a sporting goods store and spend from four to twelve dollars on a bottle of scent blocker; or you can, like me, make your own.  Since juniper trees are common in my area, I like to make scent out of juniper berries.

First gather a double handful of juniper berries and needles.

Drop the juniper in a blender along with about 20 ounces of hot water.

Blend the mixture for a few seconds.

Strain the mixture through a coffee filter to remove the solids.  This can take a while.

Now pour the green, aromatic liquid off into a spray bottle.

Voila, you’ve made scent blocker.  Just spray it on your clothes, boots, and boot soles.  This mixture will start to mildew in the bottle after a couple of days, so don’t bother making a big batch.  If you need more it’s easy to make.