Monday, March 4, 2013

Track Identification Flow Chart

The following flow chart is my attempt to illustrate the thinking process that I go through when I am trying to identify a track.  I don't know if anyone else has come up with anything like this.  I haven't seen it if they have.  I am including this file as a jpeg so you can copy it, paste it into a word document, and print it if you would like to have one for your own use.  I try to freely share knowledge that I have gained over the years, but please do not start printing these off and selling them at the next gun show or what have you.  You do not have my permission to do this.  If you would like to post a link to this article or include the flow chart on your own web-site, you may do so, but please credit my site.  Thanks, Hank.


JamiesonPack710 said...

Do you find it is dificult to differentiate between canine and feline tracks when looking for the V notch in a feline heal imprint? It seems to me when I study a track and I am trying to decide cat or dog the V notch or M shape in the heal pad does not register usually. The only time I have seen the feline heal pad register is when I took my house cat outside and put him in the snow.

Sensible Survival said...

I find that the easiest way to identify the difference between canine and feline track is by the presence of claw marks. If the claw marks are present it is almost certainly a canine. No claw marks means either a feline or a canine whose claws didn't register. In this case I look at the general shape of the track. Canines usually have the middle toes extending farther forward than felines giving canine tracks a longer oval shape whereas felines have a more rounded shape sometimes almost a sideways oval. Hank